Lubricant Oil Price In Pakistan - Base Oil Types

We at Oil house are proud to provide a wide selection of base oils to meet a variety of industrial requirements. We obtain our items from reliable suppliers who guarantee the highest levels of performance and quality. Look through our base oil groups to find the ideal answer to your lubrication needs

Oil House Base Oils

The lubricant oil price in Pakistan is affordable as compared to other countries, the gas we  use in gas stations must contain base oils. When additives are added to lubricant compositions, they are the main component. There are various kinds of base oils that are categorised according to their composition and production method. Base oils can be divided into five types by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Group IV base oils are fully synthetic, Group V comprises all additional base oils not covered by Groups I through IV, and Group I, II, and III base oils are generated from petroleum crude oil.

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    Base Oil Group I

    Crude oil is refined to produce our Group I base oils. These oils are adaptable and can be used in a variety of lubrication mixtures. They are an affordable option for numerous sectors due to their superior performance and stability

    Group II Base Oil

    Use our Group II base oils to get better performance. These oils go through further refinement procedures, which improve their purity and qualities. Group II base oils are perfect for high-performance lubricants because of their superior oxidative and thermal stability.

    Base Oil for Group III

    Utilising our Group III base oils, explore the world of exceptional performance. These oils have a very low volatility and remarkable viscosity stability due to their thorough hydrocracking process. Savour the advantages of longer oil change intervals and increased fuel economy.

    GROUP IV Base Oil

    Our Group IV base oils, also referred to as polyalphaolefins (PAO), are an excellent option for the most demanding applications. These synthetic oils have outstanding lubricating qualities, little volatility, and unmatched thermal stability. In terms of high-performance synthetic lubricants, they are the preferred option.

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    Base Oil Groups for APIs

    The American Petroleum Institute developed a system for classifying different types of base oil early in the 1990s.  Base oil group numbers were created and introduced as a result.

    Group I base oils are the conventional, older base oils made from crude oil by a solvent-refining process that eliminates the crude oil’s undesirable characteristics or weaker chemical structures (ring structures, double bonds, etc.).  The main technology employed in refineries constructed between 1940 and 1980 was solvent refining. 

    Properties Of Base Oils

    Group I base oils still include ring structures, sulphur, and nitrogen, which gives them a typical color range of amber to golden brown.  Their viscosity index (VI) usually ranges from 90 to 105.  High viscosity index (HVI) base oils are often defined as those that fall on the higher end of the scale. 

    This has to do with how much the viscosity varies with temperature, that is, how much it thickens at low temperatures and thins out at high ones.  Although Group II base oils are being used more frequently, Group I base oils are still the most widely utilised kind for industrial oils.

    Group II base oils are produced by substituting the conventional solvent-refining method with a hydrotreating procedure. It is necessary to extract unwanted elements from the crude oil using hydrogen gas. As a result, the basic oil is clear and colourless and contains very little ring structures, sulphur, or nitrogen.

    Usually, the VI is higher than 100. The cost has been about same to Group I base oils in recent years. Mineral oils are still regarded as Group II base oils. They are frequently used into formulas for automotive engine oil.

    Group III base oils are produced by subjecting the crude oil to a harsher hydrogen gas cleaning process that is carried out at higher pressures and temperatures. In addition to being colorless and clear, the resultant base oil has a VI of more than 120. It also has a higher oxidation resistance than Group I oils.

    Group III base oils are more expensive than Group I and II. Since Group III base oils come straight from the refining of crude oil, many technical people refer to them as mineral oils. At Oil House, we’re dedicated to providing solutions with affordable lubricant oil price in Pakistan.

    Group IV base oils are synthetic base oils made of polyalphaolefins (PAOs) that have been around for more than 50 years. Unlike the preceding groups, which were produced by distilling and refining crude oil, these are pure chemicals made in a chemical plant.

    The group of compounds known as synthetic hydrocarbons (SHCs) includes PAOs. Because they require a lot more processing to make, they have a VI of more than 120 and are far more expensive than Group III base oils



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